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Mr. Avinoam Katrieli, The President Of I Love BG Foundation and President of BCCBI, On The Cover Of Vagabond Magazine

Mr Katrieli, President of I Love BG Foundation and President of BCCBI and owner of Plana Heights Project gave exclusive interview for Vagabond Magazine with Dimana Tranokova. In the interview Mr. Katrieli spoke about Bulgaria, Bulgarian people and Plana Heights Project. He also explained what is the focus of BCCBI and foundation I Love BG and how he decided to move to Bulgaria. Mr. Katrieli shares in the interview some of his personal goals and visions such as working for a better future, his deep love for Bulgaria and others. The whole interview you can find

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The Project "Plana Heights" should become a flagship for investment courage in an uncertain business environment and should encourage bold investments

Mr. Avioam Katrieli, the President of BCCBI, was a guest of Mr. Velko Kamenov on the TV show "In Development" on Bloomberg Bulgaria. They discussed the volume of Israeli investments in Bulgaria and Mr. Katrieli gave examples of successful sectors of mutual interest: building and management of large shopping centers, development of modern outsourcing activities (including in the sphere of medical services), investments in the high-paying IT sector. An example of a successful investment was the initiative of the Israeli company TEVA, the owner of Actavis, who prefers Bulgaria as a place to open a new IT center.

According to Mr. Avioam Katrieli, the new Bulgarian government sets a new logic for doing business in Bulgaria, according to which foreign investors need not only to return in Bulgarian business, but also to remain here. After his meetings with Boyko Borisov and some ministers, the President of the BCCBI is firmly convinced that if the government optimizes and improves the work of the state administration, Bulgaria will become more attractive destination for foreign investors.

Mr Velko Kamenov asked about the other two initiatives of Mr. Avianoam Katrielli - the return of Bulgarians from abroad through the “I Love BG” Foundation and the historic decision to create a new City of Dreams “Plana Heights". Mr. Katrieli reaffirmed his commitment to begin building of the new City „Plana Haights” this summer, pointing out that a dream comes true. "One can buy a house with 150 sq. m and 500 sq m yard at the price of 80 - 90 sq. m apartment in Lyulin. Everyone should be able to afford to live in a beautiful and green neighborhood" . The guest finished with optimism about future foreign investments in the Bulgarian economy.

The whole interview with Mr. Abinoam Katrieli can be found at the link: ТУК

Министър Караниколов се срещна с президента на Двунационалната търговска камара България-Израел

Министърът на икономиката Емил Караниколов запозна президента на Двунационалната търговска камара България-Израел (BCCBI) Авиноам Катриели с приоритетите в работата на Министерството на икономиката. Г-н Катриели от своя страна представи дейностите, с които се занимава BCCBI.

По време на срещата двамата дискутираха възможностите за увеличаване на чуждестранните инвестиции в България и предизвикателствата, които стоят пред инвеститорите заради административните тежести. Министър Караниколов и Авиноам Катриели обсъдиха области от взаимен интерес и се договориха за ползотворно сътрудничество и бъдещи съвместни прояви, които биха ускорили положителното развитие на бизнес климата у нас.

Авиноам Катриели представи на икономическия министър проекта “Плана Хайтс“, за който министър Караниколов изрази надежда, че скоро ще го види напълно завършен.

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Radio FM + Exclusive Interview With Mr. Avinoam Katrieli, President Of BCCBI

Mr Katrieli, President of BCCBI and owner of Plana Heights Project gave exclusive interview for Radio FM+ with Iva Doichinova. Project Plana Heights was the main topic of the interview with many questions regarding the ecologic character of the initiative, the attractive prices and the innovative approach in regards to the infrastructural planning of the settlement. Mrs Doichinova was also fascinated by the humanitarian initiatives of BCCBI and Foundation I Love BG and requested possibility for additional coverage of their activities.

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Всичко е готово административно за изграждането на Хълмовете на Плана

Въпреки че София има хубави квартали като Бояна, инфраструктурата там не е адекватно подготвена, а комбинацията от луксозни и стари къщи не добра. Това заяви президентът на двустранната търговската камара България - Израел Авиноам Катриели в ефира на "В развитие" с Вероника Денизова. Той коментира предстоящото изграждане на първия изцяло нов град в България от времето на Димитровград насам - Хълмовете на Плана заедно с мениджъра на проекта Емил Магриссо.

Проектът е изключително гъвкав, тъй като всеки краен клиент може да си избере къща, която да е от по-нисък стандарт, но и би могъл да направи по-голяма инвестиция в имота си, каза Магриссо. Също е много трудно да се каже отсега колко ще бъде неговата възвращаемост, защото, ако в момента има три хил. парцела, то може да има само две хил. къщи, добави той.

Човек, който иска да купи имот при нас, купува единствено земята, лаза Катриели. След това в период от 90 дни ще може да плати за инфраструктурата после ще може да избере дали да построи къщата си сам или да плати на нас да го направим, каза допълни той.

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A new town is being built 20km away from Sofia

(commentary by the Bulgarian National Television)

A new town is being built 20 km from Sofia. It will be called "Plana Hights" and will be located in Plana Mountain, between Sofia and Samokov.

After seven years the number of houses in the project will reach 3,000.

Emil Magriso - project manager: "The city is planned with kindergartens, primary school, shopping center, fitness center, restaurants... - all that is required of a resident to be able to live peacefully. "

The idea of the town belongs to the Israeli businessman Avinoam Katrieli, who has been living in Bulgaria for 10 years. He says he bought 2,000 decares in Plana after he saw the view which is revealed from the hills there and the fresh air.

Avinoam Katrieli - the owner: "In these 2000 decares there are only 22 with trees. Not only that we have no intention to cut those down, but we want to plant more. "

In order to facilitate the access to the city the road that passes through the village Plana will be repaired and improved and a new one will be built through the village of Gorni Okol. The costs will be borne by the owner of the land, as well as those for the installation of electricity and water to all buildings. In addition to the power line that runs through the terrain in the new city the project forsees also the use of solar systems. This is expected to ensure the avoidance of problems with electricity in wintertime.

Avinoam Katrieli - businessman: "We want to give an opportunity to the middle class who lives in Bulgaria to buy a house here in very good conditions. We also hope we can return some of the Bulgarians that left the country. We are talking about more than one million and 400 thousand young Bulgarians. "

The last city built in Bulgaria was Dimitrovgrad.

The price of most houses in the city will approach that of three-room apartments in the districts of Sofia. Plots are also being offered. Construction is expected to begin in the Spring, and experts from the Ministry of Economy project that 100 new jobs will be opened.


Mr. Avinoam Katrieli, President of BCCBI and "I Love BG" was guest in Slavi's Show - on btv

Guest in the "Slavi's Show" was Avinoam Katrieli, who is volunatarily the President of the Binational Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Israel (BCCBI). In the program, the guest expressed his admiration for Bulgaria and the Bulgarians and told more about the projects, which he has undertaken. In front of Mr. Slavi Trifonov Avinoam Katrieli said that to him Bulgaria is the most beautiful country in the world and that Bulgarians are "amazing people - warm and with open hearts." Katrieli told that he has come to invest in Bulgaria 20 years ago dealing with medicine, selling real estate and trade. At the moment he has undertaken the construction of a "new, modern city" in Bulgaria called Plana Heights, the construction of which has already been approved with decision of the Bulgarian Government.

The guest confided that one of his reasons to invest in Bulgaria is rooted in history. "Every Jew has very good feelings towards Bulgaria, because we do not forget what happened in 1943 in Bulgaria - Bulgarians, led by Bishop Stephen and Metropolitan Kirill, stopped the deportation of Bulgarian Jews to Nazi Germany. (...) The Bulgarians are almost the only ones in the world who rescued their Jews, "said Avinoam Katrieli and then added:" When I began to meet with Bulgarians, I felt at home from the first moment. The Israeli guest also noted that he has been living for 10 years permanently in Bulgaria and already feels Bulgarian.

As President of the Binational Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Israel Avinoam Katrieli has undertaken the task to attract investors in Bulgaria and to improve the opportunities for Bulgarian businessmen to do business in Israel. He said that on the one hand the conditions of doing business in Bulgaria are wonderful because of low taxes and loyal Bulgarian workers, but on the other hand - investors do not come because "the stigma of Bulgarians is that the country is good for casinos and for alcohol tourism "and that" Bulgarians are the most depressed people in the EU. " Avinoam Katrieli assured that through various projects he will seek to change this image of Bulgaria.


Строим нов град на 20 км от София


Авиноам Катриели е израелски бизнесмен и президент на Двунационалната търговска камара България-Израел. Той инвестира в проекти по цял свят и вече 19 години развива бизнес в България. Катриели е президент на компанията А.З.К. Пропъртис, която разработва зеления проект Плана Хайтс, който до няколко години ще се издигне на 20 км от София. Г-н Катриели, разкажете за проекта Плана Хайтс. Плана Хайтс е нов проект-мечта в България. Той ще бъде един модерен проект, с развита инфраструктура, модерни сгради – зелено място с много добра локация, близо до София. В него всеки ще може да си купи къща на добра цена. При всяко положение самият град ще бъде с нова и модерна инфраструктура, без зависимост от това какъв вид къща си е избрал човек.


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A Public Discussion on Project Plana Hights was held in Samokov Municipality


On 6.07.2016 a public consultation procedure in the municipality of Samokov was held on the Project PLana Heights. The discussion was attended by 31 people: representatives of Samokov municipality, the Regional Department of the Ministry of Environment and Water, environmental experts, investors, construction companies, citizens, the mayor of Samokov Municipality and other Mayors from the region. All attendees expressed positive opinions. The chief architect of the Project presented its scale. The ecology experts preparing the reports on its impact on the nature presented their reports. Mr. Avinoam Katrieli expressed his disappointment with the fact that the NGOs that had remarks on the reports did not attend in order to ask questions and Mr Yovchev expressed his support for the project and the benefits it brings to the region of Samokov directly and to the economy of Bulgaria in general. During the public hearing in front of Samokov Municipality consisted a rally of about 100 people who expressed their support for the project and chanted slogans that welcomed foreign investors expressing their hopes for the future of Bulgaria. The event was covered by television and other media.


Press conference in Samokov municipality presents the Project Plana Heights



Israeli investments in Bulgaria are much bigger than the official statistics -

Mr Katrieli comments for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria - The World is Business



Israeli investments in Bulgaria are much more than the official statistics. The majority of Israeli investments are made with Bulgarian partners and therefore they can not be detected as pure Israeli investments. That was commented with Mr. Avinoam Katrieli, President of the Binational Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Israel and Emil Magrisso, the Secretary General of the Chamber and manager of the project "Plana Heights" in "The World is Business" on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. According to official statistics Israeli investments in Bulgaria are 250-300 million.

According to Katrieli preferred Israeli business sectors are "Real Estate, Centers for Shopping, Hotels, Medical Centers, IT-companies, and lately - Agriculture and Industry" and the sectors in which Bulgarian companies can easily enter with their products and services in Israel are Construction and IT.

As for the currently discussed project "Plana Heights" Katrieli said he plans to build 3-4 thousand houses located on 2000 decares and it will happen in stages. "The first stage will be completed within three years."

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Minister of Economy Mr Lukarski bestows Priority Certificate to Mr. Katrieli for "Plana Heights" Project 


Less than € 100,000 will cost 150 sq.m house on a plot of half a decare in the new settlement "Plana Heights". This was announced by the investor Avinoam Katrieli, manager of "A.Z.K. Properties' office after receiving a certificate for investment class "A" Economy Minister Bozidar Lukarski.

"Plana Heights" aims for the construction of complex Plana between Sofia and Samokov near the village of Alino. The investment amounts to 53 650 million. BGN and provides 100 new jobs.

The investor Avinoam Katrieli explained that the project will be implemented in three phases, the first envisages the construction of a village of 150 houses with related infrastructure from the shopping center, sports and medical center.
The planned construction total area is 25 000 sq.m on an area of 621.338 hectares.

Minister Bozhidar Lukarski said investor "A.Z.K. Properties" has requested to use the following incentives under the Investment Promotion - shorter waiting time for administrative services, individual administrative services and financial support for construction of elements of technical infrastructure, construction of new and rehabilitation of the approach roads.

An interdepartmental working group will be established to provide institutional support for the implementation of priority investment project.

"This is a serious investment planned for a long time by the Jewish investor. I wish you success in the implementation, "said Minister Lukarski in awarding the certificate.

Katrieli said the project for him is a dream for which he works for 10 years. "The project will have three phases. The idea is to build a new modern village from all perspectives. This is a green project related to the place where it is created - Plana Mountain. It targets from one part Bulgarian citizens who have the opportunity to buy a house at a very reasonable price, "said Katrieli.

He explained that the second part of the project aims to attract foreigners to buy vacation homes. The company already has clients from Israel, Australia, Germany, England and others. According to him, the attraction of tourists means new jobs, more tax revenue for the state itself. Katrieli thanked the CEO of the Bulgarian Investment Agency Stamen Yanev, Minister Bozidar Lukarski and Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

"I hope that this is just one step that will attract many more investors," said Katrieli.

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The Council of Ministers approves Plana Heights Project for Priority Certificate


The Council of Ministers approved a draft memorandum of understanding between the Bulgarian Government and the investor "A.Z.K. Properties "Ltd. to implement the investment project " Plana Heights",  said the press service of the government.

The initiation and creation of an architecturally enchanting spot set in the Plana Mountains which lies between Sofia and Samokov, comprising over 621,338 decares around, which will exemplify a model of progress, high standards and quality of life, in an outstanding pastoral environment. The project will consist of the needed infrastructure – including 75,382 decares of roads, electricity and water supply installations for the future settlement, including buildings for public services - a trade center, a sports center, a medical center, a kindergarten, parks and green areas and playgrounds, a security center and 150 houses for rent. Additionally 600 plots will be structured for possible residential needs. The complex will be built on land owned by the investor that was especially bought for this project. The total built up area is expected to be around 30000m2. The expected direct workers for the project will be 100 and the total workers to work on the project through other companies also during construction will be about 500. The infrastructure construction is expected to start during the last quarter of 2016 and the buildings construction will start in 2017. The subject of the investment is the infrastructure and all buildings for public services and houses for rent.



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The "Plana Heights" Project in Bloomberg


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              Israelis invest in tourist village                          Invested 25 mln. Euro PlanaHeights                                       "You think BULGARIA KNOW?"


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