Government and administration

  • Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic with a clear separation of powers.


Legislative power
The National Assembly

contains 240 members, elected for four years.

It is the only legislative body of the Republic of Bulgaria.





Executive power
The Council of Ministers 

is the main body of executive power in Bulgaria.It is elected for a term of 4 years.





Judicial power 

The jurisdiction is administered by the Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court, appellate, district, and regional military courts.

Extraordinary courts are not permitted.




President of the Republic of Bulgaria 

He/she is directly elected for 5-year period with a right of one reelection. The president is a head of the state and a supreme commander of the Armed Forces.





National symbols

State emblem 

The state emblem of Bulgaria is a gold lion rampant on a dark gules shield.







The flag of the Republic of Bulgaria is three-coloured: white, green and red, placed horizontally from the top down.